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Wakizashi Short Sword; Koshirae Very fine fittings. Early Edo period.

SKU: Wakizashi, Koshirae $1,195.00
Wakizashi Short Sword; rare, as original, thematically matched Koshirae of very fine fittings. No blade. No Habaki. Early Edo period. Total length: 53.7cm. Weight: 353g. Tsuba '' Iron Sukidashibori Takabori kin gin do zogan Kiniroe, raised design in high relief using mixed metals of gold, brass, copper and silver to depict a Jinbutsu zu (person) among lush foliage pursuing a butterfly. The exquisite, minute detailing and extraordinary application of different metals to achieve the overall effect is astounding. This tsuba was crafted by a master Kinko, metal worker with great skill. Age appropriate wear. Kozukafukuro '' Copper Nanakoji Takaborizogan Kiniroe, high relief inlay of gold and copper with a punched pattern, raised dot background depicting a man astride a bee heading straight for the hive. A whimsical zendesign very well executed. No kogatana. Age appropriate wear. Measures: 9.5cm. long x 1.4cm. wide x 0.5cm. deep. Weight: 19g. Issaku Menuki '' Copper with a Kiku zu (Chrysanthemum) design, believed a Familial Crest. Sukibori Kiniroe, raised design with a gold patina. Measures: 1.4cm. diameter x 0.3cm. deep. Age appropriate wear. Issaku Fuchi '' Shakudo decorated with Kamon and Takaramono (Paulownia and treasure. Migakiji zogan Kiniroe, smooth surface with inlayed gold Paulownia and bag of treasure. Age appropriate wear. Measures 3.8cm. long x 2.1cm. wide x 0.9cm. deep. Weight: 14g. Issaku Kashira '' Shakudo decorated with Kamon (Paulownia). Migakiji zogan Kiniroe, smooth surface with inlayed gold Paulownia. Age appropriate wear. Measures: 3.3cm. long x 1.7cm. wide x 0.7cm. deep. Tsuka '' Wood overwrapped with Shark Skin and black cord. Age appropriate wear. Measures: 15cm. long x 3.6cm. wide x 1.9cm. deep. Weight: 80g. Saya '' Wood with Ishimeji Urushiuri decoration. The Kojiri is repaired and there are small chips around the Koikuchi. Age appropriate wear. Measures: 37.7cm. long x 3.9cm. wide x 2.2cm. deep. Sori: 1cm. Weight: 165g. Seppa '' Copper and brass with scalloped edges. Measures: #1 '' 3.9cm. long x 2.4cm. wide x 0.1cm. deep. Weight: 3g.; #2 '' 4cm. long x 2.2cm. wide x 0.1cm deep. Weight: 5g.; #3 '' 4cm. long x 2.4cm. wide x 0.1cm. deep. Weight: 5g. and #4 '' 4cm. long x 2.3cm. wide x 0.1cm. deep. Weight: 5g.