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Utagawa (Ikkesai) Yoshiiku Woodblock Print; Bijinga portrait 1861

SKU: Utagawa (Ikkesai) Yoshiiku WB1 $249.95
Ikkesai Yoshiiku signed Bijinga portrait of beautiful women playing with children With aratame seal/date of 1861. Maruya publisher's seal. Very nice, bright portrait. There is paper loss to the upper right and lower left corners. There is wear and small tears to the left and bottom edges. Utagawa Yoshiiku (­ 3/4, 1833 - February 6, 1904), also known as or Ochiai Yoshiiku ( 1/2  3/4), was a Japanese artist of the Utagawa school. Early life: Yoshiiku was the son of a teahouse proprietor and became a student of Utagawa Kuniyoshi. This period begins a life-long rivalry with fellow student Yoshitoshi whom the young Yoshiiku bullied at school. The two were constant competitors for their Masters attention. Career: Yoshiiku is known as a ukiyo-e print designer and as a newspaper illustrator. He was a co-founder of the Tokyo Nichi Nichi Shinbun, an illustrated daily hiragana newspaper in 1874. He was a respected woodblock artist who lived during a difficult period of Japanese history and through his vision and artistic talent managed to advance his career and reputation. Prints: Yoshiiku's works include the print Kokkei Wanisshi-ki ( 1/2 ­-˜) "Comical Record of Japanese History"), which employs the traditional theme of Hyakki Yak on contemporary Japanese military actions in China. This work is original created by the artist and published during his lifetime. It is hand printed on original old Washi (hand made Japanese Mulberry Bark Paper) with ink bleed through to the reverse side and colored with traditional inks from the period. Details of relevant censor seals and signatures are supplied with each woodblock as proof of age and authenticity.