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Tsuka; Wakizashi fine Koshirae Menuki Fuchi and Kashira. Edo period.

SKU: Tsuka; Wakizashi, $749.00
Rare and important, all original, Edo period Tsuka with very fine fittings. Wood with Ray skin wrapping and brown tsuka-ito. In excellent condition with minor age appropriate wear. Measures: 16.5cm. long x 3.8cm. wide x 2.1cm. deep. Weight: 96g. Fuchi '' Mumei. Shakudo with Kiniroe and Silver Cherry blossoms surrounded by hungry bees all behind a wooden fence depicted using Nanakoji Takaborizogan technique. In excellent condition with age appropriate wear. Measures: 3.8cm. long x 2.1cm. wide x 1.1cm. deep. Kashira '' Mumei. Sakura ni Torii zu: Shakudo Cherry Tree with Kiniroe and Silver blossoms in the background is a Shinto shrine depicted using Nanakoji Takaborizogan. Age appropriate wear. Measures: 3.3cm. long x 1.7cm. wide x 0.6cm. deep. Menuki '' Very fine Shakudo pair, Katabori Iroe depicting Ogi zu, Gunbai, war fan and Shida ni Hosho, fern fronds overlaying a Kin box. Mumei. Measures: 3.8cm. long x 1.2cm. wide x 0.3cm. deep. Masterfully carved, very well rendered. Mekugi '' Period, Japanese Pine. Measures: 1.8cm. long x 0.5cm. diameter. The "tsuka" is the handle of a Japanese sword. In this instance a Wakizashi or the 'short sword.' The parts of the Tsuka are: Fuchi '' The cap or collar type ferrule which covers the opening in the handle. The tang of the sword goes into the tsuka through a hole in the fuchi. Kashira - is the butt or end cap of the handle. The wrapping tsuka-ito of the tsuka can be attached to the Kashira. Mekugi '' is the peg that connects the handle to the tang of the blade. The mekugi is usually made from bamboo. Menuki '' are ornaments under the tsuka-ito to fit into the palm for grip. Originally meant to hide the mekugi. Same' '' is the ray skin used to cover or wrap the tsuka handle. Tsuka-guchi '' is the mouth of the tsuka. Tsuka-ito '' is the precision cord wrapping around the tsuka, which partially covers the menuki and attaches to the kashira.