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Takahashi Rakusai V.; Mendori Vase Shinraku

SKU: Rakusai Vase $595.00
Takahashi Rakusai V (formerly: Takahasi Kozo, born: 1954) is a superb traditional potter who has assumed the families mantle of Rakusai, master potter, becoming the fifth member of his family to be so honored. Rakusai is believed to be an inevitable recipient of Japans Living National Treasure status. This large, Mendori, pleated vase with earth toned drip glaze and rust fired clay demonstrates his artistry and masterful understanding of the potters craft. Measures: 29cm. high x 12.3cm. at shoulders. Mei, signed. Complete with signed box. A museum quality piece in perfect condition. Shiga Prefecture Koga Area Shinraku refers to the kilns near Koka City in Shiga Prefecture and of the pottery made with the high-quality clay extracted in the nearby hills. It is said that Shinraku Pottery began when kawara-tiles were baked for the construction of Shikouraku-no-miya by Emperor Shoumu about 1,250 years ago. The pottery is produced with a characteristic color reflecting Shinrakus peculiar clay which, possesses a warm scarlet hue depending on the firing and the natural glazing slurry used. Pots are made out of clay But the hollow space in them makes the essence of the pot And the essence comes from an intangible something In the spirit of the potter Which he is able to blend into all his knowledge of the throwing, The glazing, and the firing So that every piece from his hand is as much his own signature and His heartbeat Only then will the pot be good, that is alive And the more highly developed a potter is as a human being, the Better his pot For there is no real beauty without character Lao Tzu, 6th century, B.C.