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Pocketwatch; Drusus Watch Co. 15 Jewel 16 size. Circa: 1920. Stem set. Horology.

SKU: Pocketwatch; Drusus $394.95
Case Size: Size 16, original case Case Material: Walz-Gold-Double, 20 mikron, Garantie 10 Jahre (arolled gold, warranted 10 yearsa. Country Manufacture: Germany Type of Pocket Watch: Hunter case pocket watch Dial: gold plated, sunk sub second dial Rare, Drusus Watch Co. antique pocket watch, circa 1920. Runs very well, has been monitored for long-term accuracy. Dial is in good. Crystal, glass in excellent condition. Minor, less than expected wear to double rolled gold case. Hunter case in excellent condition. Very good condition.