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Netsuke; Katabori Tiger and Cub seal by Shuzan in Ebony. 18th century

SKU: Netsuke; Tiger & Cub $995.00
Measures: 1.7cm. wide x 2.6cm. long x 3.5cm. high. From the 18th century onwards, netsuke were increasingly signed with the carvera's name. This example is signed aShuzana'. Yoshimura Shuzan (1725-1786) was a painter and netsuke carver. He was reputed to have carved netsuke mostly from cypress, a soft wood that wears down relatively easily. It is quite probable that it was for this reason that he originally started painting his carvings. Through wear and tear the coloured surface rubbed off in parts, resulting in a pleasant effect. Netsuke literally means "root for fastening" (ne tsuke). Netsuke are toggles worn by Japanese men of the upper and middle classes. These "roots for fastening" developed from a practical object to a coveted collector's item.