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Morse Sidney E.; Engraved & hand-colored map of the regions of Germany. Circa 1823.

SKU: Morse, Sidney E.; map $89.95
Sidney Edwards Morse (1794 - 1871) was a U.S. inventor. He was the brother of Samuel Morse. Sidney E. Morse was the publisher in 1823 of An atlas of the United States. Along with Samuel Breese, they invented cerography, which they began using in 1839. Morse tried to keep the process secret, but it became widely used in mapmaking, especially after Rand, McNally used wax engraving in 1872. Wax engraving remained an important map printing technique until the mid-twentieth century. Unlike engraving or lithography, which demanded the laborious drawing of a negative image, cerography allowed the image to be drawn directly. The positive image is drawn onto a wax-covered plate that is then used as a mold from which a master printing plate is cast by an electroplating process. Images could be easily cut into the soft wax layer using very little pressure. Various sized gravers could be used, commercial tools could stamp letters directly into the wax, even wheels with designs were used to draw boundary lines.