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Little Annie Fanny Autographed Playboy Limited Print

SKU: Little Annie Fanny Print $695.00
Little Annie Fanny, Autographed Playboy Limited Print Playboy, 1984 Signed Limited Edition Print, #443 of 500, 20" X 24," rolled Very Fine/Near Mint. Adult. Note: Harvey's usual signature of "Harvey Kurtz (and then his drawn stick figures indicating "man")." An original signed print by two of the greatest cartoon lunatics we've had the honor to enjoy over the past 60 years. In 1952 Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder created Mad Magazine, and no one has said it better than underground comix guru R. Crumb when he uttered: "Mad changed the way I saw the world forever!" Kurtzman and Elder had one of the best runs in American publishing history drawing 'Little Annie Fanny" for Playboy Magazine for over 26 years. Art critics suggested the symbiotic relationship between Playboy and Kurtzman "compromised his satirical gifts." The comic master artist would often retort, "well, it sure saved me from freelance hell!!" This is a great limited edition print, # 443 out of 500, that Kurtzman and Elder have both signed, produced by Playboy Enterprises in 1984. There are just some very faint wrinkles in the bottom section of the poster, beneath the signatures, and very mild border soil. A very rare print!