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Koichi Sakamoto: ''Houses with Red Sky'' sosaku hango limited edition #45/80 mezzotint signed by artist.

SKU: Koichi Sakamoto $1,095.00
Born 1932, Sakamoto's work is similiar to the famous contemporary Japanese woodblock print artist Kiyoshi Saito. The print is pencil signed by the artist at the lower right corner below the image, and the edition is noted in the left corner as #45/80. The print is in very good condition. No foxing , toning, folds or creases. The print is not setdown or trimmed. There is a barely preceptable matburn shadow where the mat paper came into contact with the paper on the print. Neither of these issues affect the image which is pristine, Image size is 10" x 14", frame size is 20" x 24.5". Old catalogs from the 1970s or 1980s, published by Yoseido in Tokyo a'' a leading gallery for contemporary Japanese prints a'' contain etchings and mezzotints by Koichi Sakamoto in nearly every issue. Today Koichi Sakamoto is something like a classical milestone in modern Japanese printmakinga an unqualified master and one of the greats. Koichi Sakamoto was born in Tochigi prefecture in 1932. His early works show the artist's interest for nature and natural shapes. His work shows his affection for subjects like birds, trees and landscape. Farm Houses are a muse for the artist's worka's through his whole life. But although he perfectly masters the techniques and tools of drawing and printmaking, he does not strive for realistic depictions. His subjects are transferred into a non-existing world, sometimes surrealistic and sometimes even a bit psychedelic. The artist's prints are to a certain degree also a reflection of the changing art and fashion trends of the sixties, seventies and eighties. But Sakamoto remained always himself. He has never tried to run after trendy styles. Rather he set the style and path for the next generation of artists. Koichi Sakamoto's later works are concentrated more on the depiction of dreamy, unreal, rural Japanese landscapes - old farmhouses, leafless trees in winter, the moon, a few black crows in the sky and often snow - loads of snow. One should know that the winters in the North of Japan are very harsh and cold, and bring plenty of snow with them. We have never seen any landscape prints by Sakamoto that show people. The great shin hanga artist Hasui Kawase was a master in creating moods in his prints by showing often only one lonely person with an umbrella walking in the snow or in rain. Koichi Sakamoto shows no people at all and creates a mood of eeriness. Nevertheless the images do not look frightening. You rather look at them and feel a certain magic of being transformed into another strange world. There is definitely something magic about the image compositions of Koichi Sakamoto. a Member of Japan Print Association (JPA) a Member of Shunyokai Resume: Sakamoto has exhibited widely in and outside of Japan since the late 1950s. a 1957 - Shinseikatsu Kyokai Exhibition, Japan a since 1966 - Annual exhibitions of Japan Print Association and Shunyokai, Japan a 1966 - Travelling Exhibition of Modern Japanese Prints through the U.S. a 1969 - C.W.A.J. (College Women of Japan - a major art event in Japan) Japanese Young Artists Exhibition a 1970 - Second International Florence Print Biennale, Italy a 1971 - Second Print Grand-Prix at Nichido Gallery a 1973 - Modern Japanese Print Exhibition in India a 1974 - Modern Young Etchers Exhibition in Paris, France a 1975 - Today's Picked Artists Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan a 1976 - Modern Japanese Prints Exhibition, Canada a 1977 - International Art Fair in Washington D.C., U.S.A. a 1978 - Modern Japanese Print Exhibition in Mexico City, Mexico