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Kogai; Gold Eagle Nanako. Edo period

SKU: Kogai; Omoto zu $695.00
Shakudo Kogai with an Omoto zu (Rohdea Japonica), or Japanese Sacred Lily design. Attributed to the Kogoto School. Masterfully carved in high relief with a raised dot, punched pattern background. Measuring: 22cm. long x 1.3cm. wide x 0.3cm deep. Weight: 39g. Mumei, unsigned. Early Edo Period. The KAgai (?) a'' is carried in a side pocket of the asayaaor scabbard of the Katana or Wakizashi opposite of the Kozuka. A Kogai was traditionally used as a skewer for the owner's hair-do, a hair arranger or an ear wax cleaner. The Wari-kogai or Waribashi is also used like the Kogai with the exception that they are split in the middle and can be used as a pair of chopsticks. The Kogai can also be used as a alast resortastabbing weapon. All of these were made by extremely skilled craft/artisans and are highly sought after collectors items.