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Geisha Girl Bronze. Meiji period.

SKU: Geisha Girl Bronze $1,095.00
Meiji period Bronze of a Geisha Girl executed in extraordinary detail. The Kimono is decorated in a beautiful relief floral design. She is holding a drum as she recites Haiku and the Obi is decorated in a tight Peony blossom pattern. Measures: 30cm. high x 11.5cm. wide at base x 10.5cm. deep at base. In perfect condition. In bronze and other metals the Japanese have no parallel in the quality of their workmanship. In artistic treatment of metals of small groups and natural objects such as are depicted in their woodcuts they have attained extraordinary excellence: and in nearly every discipline in casting engraving chasing inlaying and damascening they have no equal In bronze casting and moulding they are masters. They are equally capable of colossal and minute work. Their marvellous delicacy of touch and execution is more remarkable because in the fashion of their tools as in their smelting and refining processes everything is of the most traditional kind. Their ovens furnaces etc. are simple: yet judging by the work they have a perfect command of their materials from the ironstone to the steel of their sword-blades. The Japanese simply produce the best Bronze work in the world. The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were the most fruitful epoch for the production of small bronze objects whose chief raison d'Atre is ornament such as clasps paper-weights small figures of animals mouthpieces for pipes and vases intended for dwelling-rooms not for Buddhist altars as in earlier days.