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Frommenii Andreae; Synopsis Metaphysica

SKU: Frommenii Andreae AB0210066 $3,995.00
Synopsis Metaphysica Andreae Frommenii (1591 1666) published in 1691 Latin text. Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that investigates principles of reality transcending those of any particular science. Cosmology and Ontology are traditional branches. Metaphysics is concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world. The word derives from the Greek words meta meaning: beyond or after and physika meaning: physical. While it trades Greek and Latin origins are clear various dictionaries trace its first appearance in English to the mid-sixteenth century although in some cases as early as 1387. A central branch of Metaphysics is Ontology the investigation into what types of things there are in the world and what relations these things bear to one another. The Metaphysician also attempts to clarify the notions by which people understand the world including existence object hood property space time causality and possibility. Before the development of modern science scientific questions were addressed as a part of Metaphysics known as natural philosophy: the term science itself meant knowledge of epistemological origin. The scientific method however made natural philosophy an empirical and experimental activity unlike the rest of philosophy and by the end of the 18th century it had begun to be called science in order to distinguish it from philosophy. Thereafter Metaphysics became the philosophical enquiry of a non-empirical character into the nature of existence. Metaphysics as a discipline was a central part of academic inquiry and scholarly education even before the age of Aristotle who considered it the Queen of Sciences. Its issues were considered no less important than the other main formal sciences of physical science medicine mathematics poetics and music. Since the beginning of modern philosophy during the 17th century problems that were not originally considered within the bounds of Metaphysics have been added to its purview while other problems considered Metaphysical for centuries are now typically relegated to their own separate regions of philosophy such as philosophy of religion philosophy of mind philosophy of perception philosophy of language and philosophy of science. In some cases subjects of Metaphysical scholarship have been found to be entirely physical and natural thus making them part of physics proper (cf. Albert Einstein trades Theory of Relativity). This volume is a rare treasure whose sister copies are currently part of the permanent collections of the Bodleian Library Oxford: The New York Society Library Collection Rare Books small: National Library of Australia: Yale University Library: McMaster University Library: York University Library. The volume has been professionally restored. The restorations include: resewn and rebound in full leather as original with gilt lettering on spine. The pages are off-white to cream supple and exhibit no foxing or spotting. 389 pages in Latin text. Typis L. Lichfield Impenfis Tho. Gilbert S.T.B. in Juventutis Academicae Gratiam Et Elif. Gilbert Viduae Commodum. Dated 1691. 14.5 cm. x 8 cm.