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de Lacy Philippe; Photo circa 1930s.

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Philippe De Lacy a.k.a. Philippe deLacy (July 25 1917 - July 29 1995) was a former silent film era child actor. Early life: Born during World War I the already fatherless Philippe lost his mother and five siblings when a German shell devastated the family home. Only two days old at the time of tragedy the boy was kept alive but barely in the basement of his grandmother's house. He was adopted by Mrs. Edith De Lacy who was associated with the U.S. Woman's Overseas Hospital. After the war ended Mrs. De Lacy brought Philippe to America where his stunning looks soon created opportunities for him as a model for magazine advertisements. His modeling assignments brought him to the attention of Hollywood and he appeared in his first film in a bit part at the age of four. Phillipe's childhood story was used as the subject of a fictional children's book''Little Philippe of Belgium'' written by Madeline Brandeis as part of her 'Children of the World' series. Early career: De Lacy freelanced for several studios in the 1920s but mostly for Paramount. In 1924 he played the role of Michael Darling in the classic silent version of Peter Pan with Betty Bronson. He played the young Don Juan at ten years of age in John Barrymore's Don Juan (1926) and in 1927 he played the young prince Karl Heinrich in Ernst Lubitsch's memorable The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg which also starred Ramon Novarro and Norma Shearer. Also in 1927 he starred with Greta Garbo and John Gilbert in Love an updated version of the Tolstoy novel Anna Karenina in which he played the young son of Anna Serezha Karenin. When the sound era arrived De Lacy's acting career was declining and he never made the transition from child actor to adult. Apart from his films De Lacy also did some work in the theatre. However he had lost his boyish charm by his early teens and retired from the screen in the early 1930s . Later career: De Lacy concentrated on the production end of films as a producer director and cinematographer. He became an assistant to director Louis De Rochemont and worked with him in the 1940 film The Ramparts We Watch. Eventually he became an executive with the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency a position he held for over 25 years. De Lacy trades first credit was in 1942 as an editorial associate for the US armed forces propaganda film We Are The Marines. Radio and television announcer Westbrook Van Voorhis provided the narration for the documentary which was effectively a full-length fighting feature. In 1944 De Lacy was involved in another documentary this time for the US Navy filmed aboard the carrier Yorktown. The narrators in this documentary were actors Robert Taylor (who was actually a lieutenant in the navy at the time) and Charles Boyer who supplied the French narration. De Lacy was the cinematographer in The Fighting Lady and had three real life naval commanders to assist him. This film won the 1945 Oscar for Best Documentary. De Lacy then turned his hand to directing a television series in 1950 and in addition he also became manager of a local Hollywood television station. Filmography: 1930 - The Sins of the Children 1930 - One Romantic Night 1930 - Sarah and Son 1930 - General Crack 1929 - The Marriage Playground 1929 - The Four Feathers 1929 - Square Shoulders 1929 - The Royal Rider 1929 - The Redeeming Sin 1928 - Napoleon's Barber 1928 - 4 Devils 1928 - Mother Machree 1928 - The Broken Mask 1927 - Love 1927 - The Tigress 1927 - The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg 1927 - The Elegy 1927 - The Magic Garden 1927 - The Way of All Flesh Is Zat So? 1926 - Faithful Wives 1926 - The Blue Boy 1926 - Beau Geste 1926 - Don Juan 1925 - A Lover's Oath 1925 - The Happy Warrior 1925 - My Neighbor's Wife 1924 - Peter Pan 1924 - The Shooting of Dan McGrew 1923 - Rosita 1923 - Divorce 1923 - Christmas 1923 - Wasted Lives 1922 - A Doll's House 1921 - Without Benefit of Clergy Director: 1955 - Cinerama Holiday 1950 - The Buster Keaton Show - TV Series Cinematographer: 1944 - The Fighting Lady Editor: 1942 - We Are the Marines Stageplay: Strangers at Home Growing Pains Death: De Lacy died from carcinoma of the colon his cremated remains were scattered at sea.