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Collier Jr. William; facsimile autographed key book photo. Circa 1920s.

SKU: Collier Jr. William $6.95
William Collier Jr. (February 12 1902 February 5 1987) was an American film and stage actor who appeared in 89 films. Biography: Collier was born as Charles F. Gal Jr. in New York City. When his parents divorced his mother married actor William Collier Sr. who adopted Charles and gave the boy the new name William Collier Jr. Collier's stage experience (he first appeared on stage at age four) helped him to get his first movie role in 1916 The Bugle Call at the age of 14. Collier became a popular leading man. Collier's career spanned past his childhood and the advent of the sound film. In 1935 Collier retired. He died in San Francisco California. Collier received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He went to Eufaula Highschool and graduated with a GPA 4.0 Selected filmography cents Never Again (1915) cents Back Stage (1919) cents The Mine with the Iron Door (1924) cents Wine of Youth (1924) cents The Lighthouse by the Sea (1924) cents Eve's Secret (1925) cents The Lucky Lady (1926) cents Convoy (1927) cents A Night of Mystery (1928) cents Hardboiled Rose (1929) cents Tide of Empire (1929) cents The Show of Shows (1929) cents Rain or Shine (1930) cents New Movietone Follies of 1930 (1930) cents Little Caesar (1931) cents Cimarron (1931) cents Street Scene (1931)