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Cody Lew; Metro Goldwyn Mayer studio photo circa late 1920s.

SKU: Cody Lew; photo $4.95
Lew Cody (February 22 1884 May 31 1934) was an American actor whose career spanned the silent film and early sound film age. Early life and career: Born Louis Joseph CAt to French parents in Waterville Maine Cody originally studied to be a doctor but abandoned the idea of setting up in practice and became an actor. He started off on the stage but later went into films with Harp of Tara being his first. Cody had at least 99 film credits during a twenty year period between 1914 and 1934. Personal life: He was married twice. His first marriage to Dorothy Dalton ended in divorce. Cody married Mabel Normand in 1926. She died of tuberculosis four years later the day after his 46th birthday. Death: Cody died from heart disease in Beverly Hills California on May 31 1934. He is buried in St. Peter's Cemetery in Lewiston Maine with his father and grandparents. Selected filmography: Year Title Role Notes 1914 Harp of Tara Short 1915 The Mating 'Bullet Dick' Ames Credited as Lewis J. Cody 1918 Mickey Reggie Drake Credited as Lewis Cody 1919 Don't Change Your Husband Schuyler Van Sutphen 1923 Souls for Sale Owen Scudder 1924 Three Women Edmund Lamont 1925 Man and Maid Sir Nicholas Thormonde 1925 The Sporting Venus Prince Carlos 1925 A Slave of Fashion Nicholas Wentworth 1925 Exchange of Wives John Rathburn 1925 His Secretary David Colman 1926 Monte Carlo Tony Townsend 1926 The Gay Deceiver Toto/Antoine di Tillois 1927 The Demi-Bride Philippe Levaux 1931 Three Girls Lost William (Jack) Marriott 1931 Stout Hearts and Willing Hands The Villain Short 1931 Sporting Blood Tip Scanlon 1932 The Crusader Jimmie Dale