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Browning Robert; Poetry Selections from

SKU: Browning Robert AB0210089 $39.00
Selections from the Poetry of Robert Browning with an introduction by Richard Grant White published by Dodd Mead and Company in 1883. Blue cloth covers with silver boarders and brown embellishments in very fine condition. Spine is tight with minor wear at head and foot. 265 cream to light tan pages without foxing spotting tears or loss. There is a former owners name in ink on first end page. Text is complete. Volume measures: 16.2 cm. x 10.8 cm 18mo. An extraordinarily fine volume despite the intervening 127 years. Robert Browning 7 May 1812 12 December 1889 was an English poet and playwright whose mastery of dramatic verse especially dramatic monologues made him one of the foremost Victorian poets. Robert trades father has amassed a library of around 6000 books many of them rare. Thus Robert was raised in a household of significant literary resources. His mother to whom he was very close was a devout nonconformist as well as a talented musician. His younger sister Sarianna also gifted became her brother trades companion in his later years. His father encouraged his interest in literature and the arts. In 1845 Browning met Elizabeth Barrett (a meeting that would culminate in one of the greatest love stories of the 19th century) who lived as a semi-invalid in her father trades house in Wimpole Street. Gradually a significant romance developed between them leading to their secret marriage and flight on September 12 1846. From the time of their marriage the Brownings lived in Italy first in Pisa and then within a year finding an apartment in Florence at Casa Guidi (now a museum to their memory). Their only child Robert Wiedemann Barrett Browning nicknamed Peninior Penwas born in 1849. In these years Browning was fascinated by and learned hugely from the art and atmosphere of Italy. He would in later life say that Italy was my university. Browning also bought a home in Asolo in the Veneto outside Venice and in a cruel irony he died on the day that the Town Council approved the purchase. His wife died in 1861. Browning trades poetry was known to the cognoscenti from fairly early on in his life but he remained relatively obscure as a poet till his middle age. It was only after his wife trades death in 1861 when he returned to England and became part of the London literary scene that his reputation started to take off. In 1868 after five years of work he completed and published the long blank-verse poem The Ring and the Book and finally achieved really significant recognition. Based on a convoluted murder-case from 1690 trades Rome the poem is composed of twelve books essentially ten lengthy dramatic poems narrated by the various characters in the story showing their individual perspectives on events bookended by an introduction and conclusion by Browning himself. Extraordinarily long even by Browning trades own standards (over twenty thousand lines) The Ring and the Book was the poet trades most ambitious project and has been hailed as a tour de force of dramatic poetry. Published separately in four volumes from November 1868 through February 1869 the poem was a huge success both commercially and critically and finally brought Browning the renown he had sought and deserved for nearly forty years.