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Brother Sun Sister Moon; Paramount 1973 LC8

SKU: Brother Sun Sister Moon LC8 $14.95
Brother Sun Sister Moon Paramount 1973 Very Fine- Lobby Card 11x 14Drama Starring: Graham Faulkner Judi Bowker Alec Guinness Leigh Lawson Kenneth Cranham Lee Montague Valentina Cortese and Adolfo Celi. Directed by Franco Zeffirelli. Movie Posters are advertising posters created by the movie studio in support of a film. They are NOT the mass marketposters available for purchase through big box stores counter culture gift stores and head shops. Movie Postersare typically distributed to theater owners by the National Screen Services (NSS). Movie Posters are the ultimate collectible as they are only produced in quantities sufficient to accommodate the number of screens showing the picture. Whereas modern comics sports cards etc are produced in the millions Movie Posters can be counted in the thousands. Comparatively they are a singularly rare item and were never intended for mass consumption. Generally only a Movie Poster that was actually used at the theater to promote a film can be considered an authentic Movie Poster An unrestored poster will display signs of use. They may include light edge or fold wear slight fold separations very minor paper loss pinholes or unobtrusive stains. Normally you will have pin-holes tape residue staple holes and other display condition issues present. Occasionally there will be movie posters within the NSS which were not distributed or used by the theater and therefore do not have the inherent damage. These are mint condition posters. Movie Posters are an investible with broad appeal not only for the film buff but for anyone who grew up admiring a favorite actor film story or book. Some collectors acquire posters from films by a particular actor director writer or studio. Whatever the motivation movie posters are intended to be displayed enjoyed and admired. The gaining in value over timeis just a bonus. A number of factors combine to make a movie poster valuable: 1) The demand for the film itself especially if it is an Oscar winner Box Office hit or Classic film or a film that is still widely popular over time. 2) The stature of the actors in the film. 3) How compelling is the graphic image on the poster. 4) Condition of the poster. 5) Did a famous artist create the poster image. 6) Rarity/scarcity of the version as more than one style was usually produced for a film. Standard North American Movie Poster & Card Sizes: Half-Sheet 28x 22One Sheet 27x 41Three Sheet 41x 81Six Sheet 81x 81Insert 14x 36Title Card 14x 11Lobby Card 14x 11Jumbo Lobby Card 17x 14Window Card 14x 22Midget Window Card 8x 14Photos 8x 10Exhibition Photos 15.5x 19.5Movie Poster Grades: Mint: A poster that has never been used or displayed. Near Mint: A barely used poster. Very Fine: A poster with excellent vibrant color and appearance. Fine: A poster with good color and appearance. Very Good: A poster with paper conditions brittle chips wear to folds Good: An average poster exhibiting tears paper loss chips and overall wear Fair: A poster with dull faded colors well used. Poor: A poster that has extensive use dry rot foxing spotting paper loss and faded colors.