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Brook Clive; facsimile autographed key book sepia photo. Circa 1920s.

SKU: Brook Clive; photo $8.95
Clifford Clive Hardman Brook (1 June 1887 17 November 1974) was an English actor. Career: Brook was born and died in London. Brook was 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m) tall and had brown hair with grey eyes. He was the son of an opera singer a published writer and a violinist. He was educated at Dulwich College and served as an officer in the Artists' Rifles in the First World War. He first appeared on stage in 1918 and also in films from 1919. He worked first in British films then in Hollywood. One of his best remembered appearances was playing opposite Marlene Dietrich in Shanghai Express (1932). He played Sherlock Holmes three times: The Return of Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes (in that order) and as part of a anthology film Paramount on Parade (1930). In 1943 he adapted the comedy On Approval by Frederick Lonsdale and wrote produced directed and starred in the film with Beatrice Lillie Googie Withers and Roland Culver. The costumes were by Cecil Beaton. In 1949 he presented the radio series The Secrets of Scotland Yard. In 1956 he appeared on stage in One Bright Day at the Apollo Theatre in London. Family: Brook married Mildred Evelyn and their daughter Faith Brook was an actor as was their late son Lyndon Brook. Selected filmography cents Kissing Cup's Race (1920) cents Trent's Last Case (1920) cents Daniel Deronda (1921) cents A Sportsman's Wife (1921) cents Sonia (1921) cents The Loudwater Mystery (1921) cents Married to a Mormon (1922) cents The Experiment (1922) cents Woman to Woman (1923) cents This Freedom (1923) cents Out to Win (1923) cents The White Shadow (1923)[2][3] cents The Passionate Adventure (1924) cents Barbed Wire (1927) cents The Devil Dancer (1927) cents Underworld (1927) cents Yellow Lily (1928) cents The Return of Sherlock Holmes (as Sherlock Holmes) (1929) cents The Four Feathers (1929) cents Slightly Scarlet (1930) cents Paramount on Parade (1930) cents Tarnished Lady (1931) cents 24 Hours (1931) cents Shanghai Express (1932) cents The Man from Yesterday (1932) cents Sherlock Holmes (1932) cents Cavalcade (1933) cents Midnight Club (1933) cents The Dictator (1935) cents Love in Exile (1936) cents The Lonely Road (1936) cents Action for Slander (1937) cents The Ware Case (1938) cents Return to Yesterday (1940) cents Convoy (1940) cents Freedom Radio (1941) cents Breach of Promise (1942) cents The Flemish Farm (1943) cents The Shipbuilders (1943) cents On Approval (also director producer and screenwriter) (1944) cents The List of Adrian Messenger (1963)