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Batman: Dark Victory #1; CGC Grade 9.8 Savannah Pedigree

SKU: Batman: Dark Victory A-0511 $99.95
Batman: Dark Victory #1 CGC Grade 9.8 Savannah Pedigree. White Pages. D.C. Comics Issued December 1999. Jeph Loeb: writer. Tim Sale: cover & art. CGC census of 5/11: 5 in 9.8 NONE HIGHER. The ''Savannah'' collection is an accumulation of approximately 40000 comics by a collector who though he had bought comics prior to 1959 began in earnest at that time to purchase every comic that came out acquiring them directly from the distributor through the 1970s and buying from comic shops thereafter. Since these copies never reached the news stand or comic shop shelf they are in exceptional condition as indicated by the CGC grade.