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Barthelemy J.J.; Reise des jungen Anacharsis

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Reise des jungen Anacharsis Erstes Bandchen. Reise des jungen Anacharsis durch Griechenland in der Mitte des vierten Jahrhunderts vor der christlichen Zeitrechnung bon J.J. Barthelemy. Neu aus dem Professor Chrn. Aug. Fischer ehemals zu Wurzburg. Erstes Bandchen. Mainz 1828. German text printed in period Fraktur blackletter loosely translated: half title page Travels of Anacharsis the younger First Edition. Title page Travels of Anacharsis the younger through Greece in the middle of ( thesic) Fourth century before the Christian era by J.J. Barthelemy. New from Professor Christian August Fischer and Theodor von Haupt formerly at Wurzburg. First Edition. Mainz 1828. Six volumes with brown marbled covers. 2 vols. dated 1828 3 dated 1829 and 1 dated 1830. Incredible engraved fold out map of the Mediterranean and two engraved plates. Pages are off-white to cream without foxing spotting stains tears or loss. Spines are tight and solid with some rubbing and a spot. Also spines are blank without title or author. Wear is less than expected for 180 years. Very plain but a well kept set. He marveled that among the Greeks those who were skillful in a thing vie in competition: those who have no skill judge(some things never change!) Diogenes of Anacharsis. Anacharsis was a Scythian philosopher who travelled from his homeland on the northern shores of the Black Sea to Athens in the early 6th century BC and made a great impression as a forthright outspoken barbarianapparently a forerunner of the Cynics though none of his works have survived. In 1788 Jean Jacques Barthelemy (1716-95) a highly esteemed classical scholar and Jesuit published The Travels of Anacharsis the Younger in Greece a learned imaginary travel journal one of the first historical novels which a modern scholar has called the encyclopedia of the new cult of the antiquein late 18th century: it had a high impact on the growth of philhellenism in France at the time. The book went through many editions was reprinted in the United States and translated into German and other languages. It later inspired European sympathy for the Greek struggle for independence and spawned sequels and imitations through the 19th century. Alas according to Herodotus when Anacharsis returned to the Scythians he was killed by his own brother for his Greek ways and especially for the impious attempt to sacrifice to the Mother Goddess Cybele whose cult was unwelcome among the Scythians.