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Barrow John; The Eventful History of the Mutiny and Piratical Seizure of H.M.S. Bounty It's Cause and Consequences

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The Eventful History of the Mutiny and Piratical Seizure of H.M.S. Bounty: It trades Cause and Consequences by Sir John Barrow 1st Baronet. First edition published by John Murray Albemarle-street London in 1831 with six exquisite etchings from five original drawings by Lieut.-Colonel Batty and one based on a sketch by Peter Heywood who was one of the mutineers. Printed by W. Clowes Stamford Street London. Half green leather with green marble boards and gilt boarders around. Red Moroccan title block with gilt title on spine and gilt bands and embellishments. 356 cream to off-white pages without any foxing spotting tears or loss. Text is complete. There is a 3.5 cm. x 1.25 cm. period signature in ink on the top left title page and 1 letter Lon the inside front cover in pencil. The last end page has a very small notation in pencil at the top left corner. The corners are slightly turned. Volume measures: 15.20 cm. x 10 cm. This volume is scarce in any condition and exceptional in this gently used condition. This volume does not exhibit it trades 179 years. Sir John Barrows 1st Baronet (19 June 1764 23 November 1848) Upon Barrows return to England from South Africa in 1804 (15 years after the mutiny) he was appointed Second Secretary to the Admiralty by Viscount Melville a post which he held for forty years and allowed him unprecedented access to all of the Admiralties confidential files proceedings records transcripts logs interrogations etc pertaining to the Bounty Mutiny. He painstakingly cross referenced and corrected the record to establish the true historical facts. This is the penultimate work on the event. HMS Bounty (known to historians as HM Armed Vessel Bounty popularly as HMAV Bounty and to many simply as The Bounty was famous as the scene of the Mutiny on the Bounty on 28 April 1789 was originally a three-masted cargo ship the Bethia purchased by the British Admiralty then modified and commissioned as His Majesty trades Armed Vessel the Bounty for a botanical mission to the Pacific Ocean. It went down hill from there In 1787 Lieutenant William Bligh was commissioned by the British Admiralty to undertake a voyage on His Majesties Ship Bounty. The purpose of the expedition was to secure a cargo of Breadfruit plantings to be taken to the Caribbean where they would be transplanted and used for food for the slave population. The voyage was difficult and ill-feelings were rampant although probably no more than on other long sea voyages of the period. After a long stay in Tahiti to enable the gathering and stowing of the Breadfruit plantings onboard ship the Bounty began it's voyage to the Caribbean and then back to England. On the morning of April 28th 1789 led by Masters Mate Fletcher Christian 12 crew members staged the now famous mutiny capturing the ship and setting Lt. Bligh and his supporters adrift in the ship's launch. Some 2000 articles and books 5 major motion pictures and numerous shorter documentary films have looked into virtually every aspect of this mutiny undeniably one of the most famous sea stories of all time.