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Bahr Howard; The Black Flower

SKU: Bahr Howard; AB1011-232 $89.95
The true first printing and first state dustjacket. With red gold and pink back panel with stars. No price on dust jacket flap. Following blurbs: Book-of-the-Month Club Alternate Selection (June 1997) Alternate Selection of the Quality Paperback Club (December 1997). No quote from Southern Living that appeared on later state dustjackets. In protective Broaddart cover. In ''as new'' condition. Bahr's powerfully written first novel: '''The Black Flower' is a story not only of war but of men and women seeking redemption who are stripped of all that anchors them and who at last turn to honor and courage and love. At twenty-six Bushrod Carter is already an old soldier a veteran of all his regiment's campaigns since Shiloh. Now on an Indian summer afternoon in 1864 Bushrod finds himself in line of battle once again on the plain below the obscure village of Franklin Tennesee. The dark flower of his destiny is opening in the twilight just as it has on other fields and Bushrod must pass once again under its shadow if he is to see tomorrow. In the madness and violence of a great battle and its aftermath Bushrod Carter tries to act his part as well as he can. He must confront his soul and learn from his comrades and from a young girl struggling with her own harsh past.'' Howard Bahr (born 1946) is an American novelist born in Meridian Mississippi. Bahr who served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War and then worked for several years on the railroads enrolled at the University of Mississippi in the early 1970s when he was in his late 20s. He received his B.A. and M.A. from Ole Miss and served as the curator of the William Faulkner house Rowan Oak in Oxford Mississippi for nearly twenty years. He also taught American literature during much of this time at the University of Mississippi. In 1993 he became an instructor of English at Motlow State College in Tullahoma Tennessee where he worked until 2006. Bahr is the author of three critically acclaimed novels centering around the American Civil War. He currently resides in Jackson Mississippi and teaches courses in creative writing at Belhaven University. Bahr began his writing career in the 1970s writing both fiction and non-fiction articles that appeared in publications such as Southern Living Civil War Times Illustrated as well as the short-lived regional publication Lagniappe (1974 75) which he and Franklin Walker co-edited. His first published book a children's story entitled ''Home for Christmas'' came out in 1987 and was re-published in 1997 in a different edition (with new illustrations) following the release of his first novel The Black Flower: A Novel of the Civil War. This latter book set during the Battle of Franklin in 1864 was a New York Times Notable Book. In 2000 Bahr's second novel The Year of Jubilo was released. This novel set in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War in the fictional Mississippi town of Cumberland deals with the dehumanizing effects of war and its aftermath on Southern society. The Year of Jubilo like The Black Flower was a New York Times Notable Book. Bahr's third novel The Judas Field was released in 2006. In The Judas Field Bahr again returns to the Battle of Franklin theme but this time it is through the eyes of one of its participants again from Cumberland who travels back to the battlefield in the 1880s to recover the body of one of the fallen and in doing so relives the horror of that fateful day in 1864. The novel was awarded the Michael Shaara Award for Excellence in Civil War Fiction. Bahr's fourth novel Pelican Road published in 2008 is a novel of the railroads. It is named for its Christmas 1940 setting on ''207 miles of ballasted heavyweight main line rail between Meridian Mississippi and New Orleans.''