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Alcott Louisa May; Rose in Bloom

SKU: Alcott Louisa May AB0601038 $35.00
Rose in Bloom A Sequel to Eight Cousinsby Louisa May Alcott published by P.F. Collier and Son Company New York in 1918 with color frontispiece and additional black & white illustrations by Harriet Roosevelt Richards. Red cloth boards with green pictorial and decoration within a black boarder on front. Author title and pub. with green colophon on spine. Very minor shelf-wear to the head and foot of spine. Four moderately bumped corners. Boards are in very good condition. 344 white pages without any foxing spotting tear or loss. Text is complete. Volume measures: 13 cm. x 19.5 cm. (12mo). A volume in fine condition. The story begins when Rose comes back from a long trip to Europe. Everyone is well altered and as a joke when she arrives home she lines up her seven cousins to take a long look at them just as they did to her when they first met. The youngest accidentally mentions that the aunts want Rose to marry one of her cousins to keep her fortune in the family. Rose is very indignant and has decided ideas about what her future holds. From the beginning she declares she can manage her property well on her own and will be focusing on doing philanthropy work. Charlie had already decided she is marked out for him with the approval of his mother. Phoebe also comes home no longer the servant that Rose adoptedbut as a young lady with a cultured singing ability. Rose challenges anyone that would look down at her Phoebeand she is readily accepted as part of the Campbell clan until Archie falls in love with her. The family feels that Archie would be marrying beneath him. Phoebe trades pride and debt to the family make her wish to prove herself before she will accept Archie. Phoebe leaves the Campbell trades home and sets off to make a name for herself as a singer and so try to earn the respect of her adopted family. After some time at home Rose has her coming outinto society much to her Uncle Alec trades chagrin. She promises to try high society for only three months. During that time her cousin Charlie falls in love with her and tries in various ways to woo her. Rose begins to give in to his charm but he derails the budding romance by coming to her house on night late and very drunk. This ruins all her respect for him and she sees how unprincipled he really is. After the three months are up Rose begins to focus on her philanthropy projects and convinces Charlie to try to restrain himself from alcohol and other frivolous things in order to win her love and respect. She tries to help Charlie overcome his bad habits with the help of her uncle but fails. Charlie does all he can to win her heart but in the end he succumbs due to his own weak will and his constant need for acceptance by his friends. Being spoilt by his mother meant he never learned to say noeven to himself and its his lack of discipline that proves fatal. Charlie trades life ends tragically in an alcohol-induced accident on the eve of his voyage to see his Father and restore his good character. Although Rose was never in love with Charlie she did have hopes that he would return a better man and they could see what relationship would develop. From here Rose trades journey through young adulthood continues filled with surprises twists and turns.