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1910 Mecca T-218 Champion Athlete and Prize Fighter Series Harry Stone.

SKU: Harry Stone T-218 $14.95
Division: Lightweight Harry Stone known as Hop Harry Stone because of the way he delivered his punches fought extensively in Australia where he arrived in 1913. The Australasian Boxing Record (1924) accredites him with almost 250 bouts at the time of his arrival. He was absent from Australia from January 1914 until 1916 fighting in England and America during that time. According to researh by Barry Hugman on his History of World Championship boxing Stone was a claimant to the Welterweight Championship of the World between 1914-1916 Stone of Hebrew heritage had a very extensive career. He is Reputed to have fought over 500 bouts before retiring. Stone in the over 200 fights entered on boxrec has yet to have a recorded KO or TKO loss--he is only the second fighter in boxing history to have over 200 recorded fights without ever suffering a K0 or TK0 loss the other was the great Benny Valger!